header endorsements

Our patients are the reason we are here. It brings us a great deal of confidence and joy to hear from them. Here are some recent endorsements from the people that matter most: you.

"[Dr Friedman] is one remarkable man. He was very busy, yet he still spent lots of time with me. He listens, he explains, draws pictures, gives you options, and all with deep compassion and feeling, almost as though you were a member of his family.

Furthermore, his office staff is phenomenal. Angie and Heidi are remarkable.... I have yet to see such professionalism in a doctors office since I moved here 17 years ago. I feel positive that Dr. Friedman will be able to help me. We have a plan and I go back in 2 weeks to start."
Bruce Borger

“Thank you for your compassionate and excellent care in helping and healing the pain in my tailbone. I am so grateful for your care that after a long and painful year, during which time I was hopeless, finding you made all the difference.”
Lena Ott

“With every appointment I had you at your office; you treated me with respect and dignity. I very much appreciate the fact that you never seemed rushed and you graciously spent so much time with me. You took the time to LISTEN and to answer all of my questions. Although I was there for my back you realized that I was also experiencing great difficulty with my knees and sent me to rehabilitation, which improved my walking.”
Lucy Berry

“My husband, Carlo Griguolo, has been a patient of Dr. Friedman’s since 2007. I must admit he is a difficult patient. However, the professional rapport that he conveys has helped my husband immeasurably. The care and empathy he expressed has undeniably had a positive impact on Carlo’s quality of life.”
Mrs. Carlo Griguolo

“I have not felt this good in 15 years…I feel spectacular and even took my motorcycle out!”
Susan Miller

“I came to Dr. Friedman with chronic pain problems from years of athletics, military work and overuse. I had serious conditions in my lumbar spine, right hip and right knee that caused chronic pain and diminished my quality of life…..he quickly recognized these issues as serious orthopedic and muscular problems that required immediate treatment. He has provided me with the finest pain management I have known and correctly diagnosed my hip problem that had been previously misdiagnosed for the past six years. He is an amazing man.”
Captain John Hill, USAF

“I just wanted you to know how thankful I am to you for taking away my pain.”
Kathleen Gifford

"I am so grateful to have you as my pain doctor, to know that I am going to get better, and that someone cares!”
Monika Agonato

“Thank you for making me comfortable and pain free.”
Char Hare

“During the 17 years I have worked as an RN, and I have worked in various settings and with many physicians, I have found Dr. Friedman to be among the very finest-not only in his area of expertise, but also in his professionalism, ethics and bedside manner.”
Daraleigh Stephenson, RN

“It was my privilege to work with Dr. Jarrod Friedman for more than two years while at OSMC…he is an exceptionally caring and talented physician always willing to go the extra ten miles.”
Brenda McClure, RN

“Dr. Friedman before your treatment yesterday I could barely walk. The pain was 8.5 prior to your procedure. I woke up this morning and the pain was .05 and it is very perceptible.”
Leslie Kassal

“Recently mom had a mild MI and a triple bi-pass and is recovering nicely at home….we are grateful to you and her recovery would not have gone as well if she were still having problems with her back.”
Consetta Gasker and Family

“I have had all kinds of doctors since 2004 and been in a lot of pain but since I got you as my pain management doctor two years ago you went above and beyond to help me. You also got me out of a depression and made me smile. You made a big difference in my life.”
Suzanne Nocar

“You made me cry and smile but most of all you…how much you cared makes me say may God watch over you and keep you in his heart always.”
Shirley Grimes

“Dr. Friedman the Talmud states that to save one life is to save the world. You are terrific!“
Kristine & Larry

“You have impacted my life in such a tremendous way. I cannot describe it. You are the finest physician I have ever had."

“Over all the years in all the procedures done under his care, I have felt confident and comfortable with what was being done. He has tried everything he could think of to assist me in dealing with my pain…..he has taken the time to listen and to have treated me not only as a patient but as a friend.”
Roland Riley